Home Renovations and Property Extensions in Westerham

Homeowners in and around the Westerham area often ask us for advice on the best ways to add value to their home. Over the years, we’ve learned a lot about increasing the value of a property and recommend taking active steps to improve your home, with home renovations, loft conversions and property extensions. Home improvements can revive and transform a property, ultimate adding a new lease of life and increasing its worth.


You don’t have to go for large-scale property renovations either, small home refurbishments such as decorating a bathroom or having your kitchen re-done can make a huge difference to the aesthetic appeal of your home. On this page, Berrywood Contractors Ltd share some of our knowledge to any Westerham or other UK customers interested in increasing their properties value, with home renovations and refurbishments.

4 Ways to Add Value to Your Home

1. Loft Conversions

One of the best ways to immediately add value to your property is to maximise the space you already have. Countless homeowners in Westerham and throughout the UK are wasting the space in their loft or attic, which can often be used to create the biggest room in their property. Loft conversions are one of the easiest ways to add a bedroom, bathroom, home office or other living space.


Unlike exterior property renovations or large property extensions, they often don’t require planning permission and according to Nationwide, can add up to 22% to your properties value.


2. Property Extensions

Another way to add an extra bathroom, bedroom or create additional space in your kitchen, is to have a property extension built. Varying from single-storey, two-storey or three-storey, extensions can add a substantial amount of extra space which can be a major selling point to potential Westerham buyers.


Property extensions can also be done as part of home renovations and home refurbishments, where improvements to the whole structure of your property is being managed.


3. Bathroom Refurbishments

If you are looking to do something on a smaller scale, home refurbishments are always a good idea and can breathe new life into your property. Bathrooms are not just an essential facility, but can be a place to escape for many people and should not be overlooked. Westerham homeowners do not need to spend loads to improve this room either, simply having the tiles redone, installing a set of new taps or adding a power shower can help.


4. Kitchen Renovations

For many homeowners, the kitchen is the heart of the home and can be a huge selling point to potential buyers. We know from experience that the kitchen is one of the first things our customers look to change when having property renovations carried out. We recommend increasing the size of small kitchens by building property extensions, installing the latest kitchen appliances or replacing dated décor with new cabinets and kitchen furniture.


Kitchen home renovations can add as much as 4% to your properties value according to the Royal Institute of Chartered Surveyors (RICS).

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