Home Refurbishments in Reigate | Our Services Explained

As the trusted choice for home renovations, property extensions and loft conversions in Reigate, we understand that our clients want to know as much about our services as possible. From home refurbishments to property renovations, undertaking any kind of construction work naturally carries certain concerns and stresses. Here at Berrywood Contractors Ltd, we strive to alleviate these worries at every possible opportunity.


Below, we’ve outlined the details of the key services we provide for homeowners in Reigate.

1. Home Refurbishments

The process of home refurbishments involves restoring the great appearance of a room or area in a property through cleaning or decoration. Home refurbishments can take place in any room that feels dated and stagnant. Their small-scale nature allows Reigate property owners to stagger overall house improvements over time to align with their budget. So whether you need to work on a bathroom, bedroom, kitchen or living room, our home refurbishments help breathe new life into a property.


2. Property Extensions

When it comes to home improvements, property renovations are much larger in scale than home refurbishments. Home renovations often take place in Reigate-based period properties that simply don’t comply with modern Building Regulations. In these cases, property renovations can involve work on the foundations, repairing structural elements or updating essential systems such as the electrics. Home renovations of this kind provide the perfect opportunity to preserve traditional architecture while making it fit for modern usage.


3. Loft Conversions

With the stress and costs associated with moving house, it’s little wonder that loft conversions remain so popular. Utilising otherwise neglected, under-used space, Reigate property owners can open up a new storey to their home. This not only solves short-term space problems; loft conversions also provide a long-term increase in property value too. Depending on size and style, this increase can be as much as 22%. Available in Dormer, Hip-to-Gable and Mansard variations, in the majority of cases only the latter requires planning permission.


4. Property Extensions

Much like loft conversions, property extensions provide Reigate customers with both short and long-term benefits that avoid the hassle of having to move. Whether as a single-storey or double-storey variety, property extensions are often used as additional bedrooms, a new bathroom, a home office or as part of a larger kitchen. The increased floor space guarantees an increase in property value. Property extensions can also be carried out as part of wider home renovations or home refurbishments.

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