Property Extensions & Home Renovations in East Grinstead | Benefits of Our Services

Here at Berrywood Contractors Ltd, we pride ourselves on maximising the most amount of benefit out of every service we provide. Our team of professionals holds more than five decades of shared trade and industry experience, giving us a unique insight into how to make home refurbishments, property renovations and property extensions as advantageous to our clients as possible. With our tailored approach, we ensure that the loft conversions and home renovations we complete not only become cherished parts of family homes in East Grinstead, but highly functional ones too.


Below, we have listed and outlined some of the key benefits that our core services provide.

1. Rise in Property Value


From property extensions to loft conversions, and from home refurbishments to property renovations, the results we create universally achieve a rise in overall property value.


When it comes to property extensions, the exact rise varies dependant on numerous factors. These include the location of the East Grinstead property itself and how the new living space will be used. One of the most popular additions, an extra bathroom, adds approximately 5% to the resale value. For the biggest increase, however, our clients need to look at an additional bedroom with en-suite facilities; these property extensions have the potential to add as much as 20% in value.


Expertly fitted loft conversions also bring about a significant rise in value. Mortgage lender GE Money concluded that, on average, loft conversions increase a property’s value by 12.5%.


When it comes to home refurbishments and home renovations, the rise is more difficult to calculate. These projects vary greatly in size and scope, not to mention quality. However, immaculately decorated rooms with ample storage facilities, energy efficient front and back doors as well as new kitchens and bathrooms all have a positive effect on resale value.


2. Staying Put


A significant number of homeowners in East Grinstead that undertake services like loft conversions, property extensions and property refurbishments do so in order to solve space issues without the stress and hassle of moving. Not only can our clients steer clear of the uncertainties of the housing market, they can also stay in the home and neighbourhood that first attracted them in the first place.


By carrying out the required property renovations, or any other development work that solves space, functionality or aesthetic problems, our clients create a new energy within their home. This allow them to start a new chapter of life without saying goodbye to the old ones.


3. Space


If there’s one thing that unites the majority of homeowners, it’s the wish to have more space. Here at Berrywood Contractors, we find ways to optimise this requirement no matter the service we provide. For example, with existing properties in East Grinstead, we can factor additional storage facilities into the plans for home renovations, home refurbishments.


On a larger scale, loft conversions and property extensions provide a fantastic opportunity to create additional square footage that can be utilised in multiple ways. From additional bedrooms to home offices, and from larger kitchens to a new bathroom, we create the space to suit the needs.


For customers struggling to decide between loft conversions and property extensions, there are two primary differences when it comes to space. The first will vary from case to case: the pitch of the roof and whether or not it suits the needs of the client. But while property extensions can be moulded to any shape or size, they also eat into the available garden space while loft conversions utilise an often-neglected upper storey.


Berrywood Contractors are always on hand to answer any questions our clients in East Grinstead might have regarding our services.

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