Home Refurbishments & Loft Conversions in Copthorne | What You Need to Know

As with any home development project in the Copthorne area, the success of the services provided by Berrywood Contractors Ltd grows from the solid foundations of various preliminary tasks. The importance of understanding every aspect involved in work such as loft conversions, property extensions and property renovations cannot be overstated. From having a clear vision of the finished results to meeting specific technical criteria, our team can only progress with their work when all pre-construction matters have been addressed. We have taken a closer look below at some of the important points that need to be seen to before our services, from home refurbishments to home renovations, can begin.


Each of our services comes tailored to suit the individual needs of our clients. The following is simply a guide to help get home development projects in Copthorne off to the best possible start.

Vital First Steps


Loft Conversions – Along with property extensions, loft conversions have the most criteria to check in order to ascertain what type of construction can take place. It’s vital to set a realistic budget as early as possible. With this number settled, it’s easier for our clients to choose which style of conversion they want, be it Dormer, Hip to Gable or Mansard.


We also check the ceiling height during these early stages. For the vast majority of loft conversions, the distance between the ceiling and floor needs to be at least 2.2m at the tallest part. If this measurement comes in below 2.2m, further work like changing the roof structure or lowering the floor needs to be carried out. Naturally, this can have a huge impact on most budgets.


Further checks need to be undertaken in regard to planning permission, Building Regulations compliance and the Party Wall Act. Fortunately, most loft conversions don’t require planning permission, although this isn’t always the case.


In order to comply with Building Regulations, other aspects of homes in Copthorne need to be altered too, such as the installation of new fire doors. In regard to the Party Wall Act, our clients need an official agreement from neighbours who share an effected wall that they are happy for loft conversions to take place.


Property Extensions – When it comes to property extensions, the dimensions and surroundings of the property itself usually dictate what is and isn’t possible. While it’s impossible to cover every eventuality here, we’ll highlight some of the most frequently occurring.


First and foremost, our clients need to set a budget and have a clear idea of how they intend to use their new living space. Will it be a bathroom? An en-suite double bedroom? A home office? An agreed upon concept at the earliest possible stage allows us to factor in certain design elements from the very beginning.


There are a myriad of regulations that impact on property extensions in Copthorne from this point, including:


  • Detached properties can extend 8m to the rear when a single storey or 3m for a double storey
  • Height restrictions don’t allow any property extensions to exceed the height of the existing building itself
  • Side-of-property extensions have to be single storey with a total width no more than half of the original structure and a maximum height of 4m
  • Property extensions cannot reach beyond the building line at the front of a property


These points are very much the beginning of understanding property extensions in Copthorne. For a full breakdown of the possibilities at your property, please schedule an initial consultation by calling 07795 064 212.


Home Refurbishments & Home Renovations – The world of home refurbishments and property renovations have far less regulations than loft conversions and property extensions, but they require no less preliminary work.


On a recurring theme, a budget needs to be set and adhered to, particularly with home renovations. The state of the structure itself will greatly impact on how much renovation work needs to be carried out in order bring it in line with current Building Regulations. While a particularly derelict building may seem like a bargain when bought, the sheer extent of property renovations needed to bring it back to former glories will soon add up. This is especially true for home renovations that require structural corrections or alterations.


In regard to home refurbishments, we recommend that our Copthorne clients take the time to get as clear a vision as possible about their new room. This can include narrowing down options for colours, materials, textures, fixtures and fittings. As time-served experts, we’re always happy to help develop initial ideas into stunning home refurbishments with a ‘wow-factor’.

Call 07795 064 212 to schedule a consultation for property renovations, loft conversions, home refurbishments or property extensions in Copthorne.

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